Welcome to Our Place!

Our Place is a collaboration of residents, community-based organizations, and service providers committed to ensuring that Strathcona children have every opportunity for success.

We have a diverse group of partners committed to this goal:

The City of Vancouver Parks Board supports the Ray-Cam Cooperative Community Centre and the Strathcona Community Centre. Together with their community associations, these centres provide a home for many important programs and services along with key staff who are committed to our children and families.

The Vancouver Board of Education has a range of collaborating programs, including Strong Start – one of the many early learning initiatives that promote school readiness and success.

The Provincial Health Authority through BC Children’s and Women’s Hospital provides primary health care in the community by Nurse Practitioners who hold clinics in established centres through the community. In addition, doctors and specialist services complement this community-based health initiative.

Staff at these institutions amend and modify their approach to support our place-based strategy.

At the community level, agencies and service providers are accountable to the community through engaged residents:

Aboriginal Life in Vancouver Enhancement Society (ALIVE) is a grassroots aboriginal society comprised of local residents.

The Network of Inner City Community Services Society (NICCSS) has its origins in successfully training local women in home support services.

The Inner City Economic Strategy brings together employment services, residents and entrepreneurs to create a sustainable economy.

The Inner City Safety Society coordinates community-based initiatives from existing resources to maximize individual empowerment and neighbourhood safety.

In addition to these agencies, we enjoy productive working relationships on issues such as social justice and housing,   We invite you to join us. Explore our site.  Participate in upcoming events. Let us know what you think by liking us on Facebook and making contact


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